Argentine ants are very ordinary-looking, small brown ants. They are small and slender, 2.6 to 3.2mm long, and are dark brown in colour. The worker ants are uniform in shape and size and move in well defined trails. They have a slight greasy, musty odour when crushed. Argentine ants do not possess a sting but will bite readily, although the bite is not painful.

How to control Argentine Ant

Chlorpyrifos G

Chlorpyrifos G Bucket

Chlorpyrifos G is for the control of argentine stem weevils, ants and beetles in golf and bowling greens, gardens and other… Read More

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Patrol Fix Ant

Patrol Fix Ant -Packshot

Patrol Fix Ant is a granular product used to help control Black ants, Brown house ants, Sugar ants, Meat ants and… Read More

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Diazinin cropped

Diazinon is a popular, highly versatile general insecticide used to control soil and foliage insects as well as flies in many… Read More

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