Meat ants, also known as meat-eater ants or gravel ants, are a species of ant belonging to the Iridomyrmex genus. Adults are 14-15 mm long, red and black in colour. They can be found throughout Australia

How to control Meat Ants

Patrol Fix Ant

Patrol Fix Ant -Packshot

Patrol Fix Ant is a granular product used to help control Black ants, Brown house ants, Sugar ants, Meat ants and… Read More

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Patrol Ant Killer Granules

Patrol Ant Killer Granules - Packshot

Patrol Ant Killer Granules are a highly effective fast acting product that kills ants on contact and provides barrier protection to… Read More

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Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds Liquid 5L

Out of Bounds is a popular, highly effective broad spectrum insecticide used for the protection of structures from termite damage and… Read More

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