Parasitic Nematodes

Parasitic Nematodes are microscopic, whitish to transparent, unsegmented worms. They occupy almost every conceivable habitat  on earth, both aquatic and terrestrial, and are among the most common multicelled organisms. Nematodes are generally wormlike and cylindrical in shape, often tapering at the head and tail ends; they are sometimes called roundworms or eelworms. There are thousands of kinds of nematodes, only a small number are plant feeding parasites.

How to control Parasitic Nematodes

Nemacur 400 Liquid

Nemacur Liquid -packshot

Nemacur 400 Liquid is a popular, highly effective broad spectrum nematicide/insecticide applied pre-planting to control nematodes and sucking insect pests in many… Read More

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Vapam (Metham Sodium)

Vapam shuttle

Vapam (Metham Sodium) is a popular soil fumigant, used as a soil applied pre-planting treatment for the control of soil borne… Read More

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