Australian Native is defined as any plant that is specific to Australia and include the likes of Acacia, Banksia, Grevillea, Callistemon, Eremphila, Leptospermum, Melaleuca, Kangaroo Paws and many others.


Suggested products for Australian Native

Paton Native Plant Food

Patons_Native-Plant-Food smaller

Paton Native Plant Food is a low phosphorus plant food suitable for most Australian native plants.¬† This product contains a complete… Read More

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Wettasoil with Seaweed Granular

AMG14587 Wettasoil Granular - PACKSHOT

Wettasoil with Seaweed Granular is an easy to use granular soil wetter in convenient resealable buckets for gardens lawns mulch and… Read More

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Wettasoil & Seaweed Hose On

83032_Wettasoil Hose On - PACKSHOT

Wettasoil & Seaweed Hose On is a no mixing, easy and convenient to use wetting agent. Just click on the hose… Read More

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Wettasoil Concentrate with Seaweed

83012_Wettasoil Conc_1L

Wettasoil Concentrate with Seaweed is an easy to use soil wetter in economical concentrated form. The concentrated wetting power improves re-wetting… Read More

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Ferticote Native

Amgrow Ferticote Native -packshot

Ferticote Native is a controlled release fertiliser in a specific combination of nutrients for optimum growth of native plants. Rich in… Read More

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