Khaki Weed (Dittrichia graveolens) is a more or less conical, sticky, erect, multi-branched, camphor-scented annual herb growing to 1 m (more usually 30-60 cm) high. Initially, leaves up to 10 cm long with toothed margins are produced in a basal rosette; this soon withers when the main stem is produced. The stem leaves are narrow, mostly 10-40 mm long and 1-3 mm wide, and covered in hairs and small round glands that exude sticky, strong-smelling oil. The individual yellow daisy-like flower heads are 5-7 mm wide and are composed of tubular florets (flowers) and relatively short ray florets with rays 4-7 mm long. The flower heads are borne singly along leafy branches that are covered in similar hairs and glands to those on the leaves. After flowering, individual flower heads produce several hairy, one-seeded fruits about 2 mm long, each crowned by a tuft of fine, minutely-barbed bristles (the pappus), 3-4 mm long.