Paspalum is a tufted, rhizomatous, perennial, summer growing grass with leafy shoots coming from a central crown. Purplish-green spikelets are borne on one side of the 2-10, finger-like seed branches.

How to control Paspalum

Paspalum, Nutgrass & Clover Killer


Paspalum, Nutgrass & Clover Killer is formulated for the control of Paspalum, Nutgrass, Mullumbimby Couch, Clovers and other weeds in domestic… Read More

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DSMA Clear

DSMA clear -packshot

DSMA Clear solution is for the selective control of grassy weeds, ideal for commercial use. ¬†Over many years DSMA has proven… Read More

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Monopoly Herbicide is a post-emergent herbicide containing 720g/L of the active ingredient MSMA and controls certain grass weeds in sugar cane,… Read More

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