3-in-1 Insect, Fungus & Mite Control Ref #81015

Ref #81015


3-in-1 Insect, Fungus & Mite Control controls various insects and fungal diseases on roses and ornamentals. The product has a systemic fungicide to control Black Spot,  Powdery Mildew and Rust. It also contains an insecticides to kill aphids, thrips, caterpillars, budworm and mites on roses and ornamentals. 3 in 1 Insect, Fungus & Mite Control is formulated to work via contact and stomach action.

How to use:

Mix 10mL per 1 litre of water or 7.5 mL per 750mL water in a trigger pack. Spray thoroughly including undersides of foliage. Commence spraying when new shoots sprout in Spring or at first sign of insects or disease. Repeat at 14 day intervals if required.


9.6 g/L Tau-Fluvalinate, 4.4g/L Myclobutanil.

Controls the following pest

Controls the following disease