BattleAXE Pro Crack and Crevice Aerosol Ref #1CBATA.4

Ref #1CBATA.4


Battleaxe PRO Aerosol has a number of advantages over conventionally packaged insecticides.  These include efficiency, convenience and less waste  with no need to dilute ingredients.  This is the superior aerosol product-of-choice.

  • Battleaxe PRO with its long extension tube is ideal for detecting and flushing out infestations.
  • Has a long residual action and allows the operator to treat surfaces within cracks and crevices where significant contact with the insect is more likely to occur.
  • 360⁰ Valve – aerosol operates at all angles, even upside down.

Areas of Use:  Domestic buildings, Commercial Buildings, Public Buildings

Controls the following pest