Cera Trap Home Garden Ref #1CCEHG.6

Ref #1CCEHG.6


The CERA TRAP mass trapping system is an innovative, highly effective method to assist in the management of fruit fly infestations. CERA TRAPĀ® is a liquid food based attractant based on a specific protein formula developed exclusively by Bioiberica who are a leading pharmaceutical company based in Spain. The CERA TRAPĀ® liquid attractant produces emissions of volatile compounds, which have a high attractiveness to adult fruit flies,especially females. As the fruit flies are attracted to the trap, they ultimately drown in the Cera Trap liquid.

  • Can be used in a range of crops
  • Attracts both male and female fruit fly
  • No insecticides used, ecologically safe
  • Minimal attractiveness to beneficial insects
  • Easy Traps installation

Controls the following pest