Copcide Algaecide Ref #0MCOP20


Copcide Algaecide is a broad spectrum algaecide containing 105g/L of Copper in the form of Ethanolamine complexes. Copcide is registered for the control of planktonic and filamentous algae species in a variety of aquatic situations including irrigation dams, aquaculture and potable water supplies.

  • Copper complex technology reduces the likelihood of copper impacting on non-target species of aquatic plants
  • Reduced likelihood of copper precipitation in hard water due to Complex technology. Preventing copper loss to precipitation reduces application rates and prevents staining issues that may occur from the use of copper sulphate (bluestone)
  • Broad spectrum control for use on a wide range of both filamentous and planktonic/unicellular algae species including Blue / Green Algae
  • Safe for use in water bodies inhabited by fish and other aquatic plant life
  • Persists in water bodies for longer due to the complexed copper formulation resisting binding to suspended compounds. This results in extended algal control following application
  • Ideal for use in an integrated aquatic management plan with other specialty products

Controls the following disease