Diazinon Ref #1CDION-5, 1CDION20

Ref #1CDION-5, 1CDION20


Diazinon is a popular, highly versatile general insecticide used to control soil and foliage insects as well as flies in many horticultural industries.


  • Has dual activity, both as a contact insecticide, as well as stomach poison activity after ingestion
  • Has good residual effect with degradation of around 30% after 60 days depending on soil and environmental conditions
  • Does not accumulate in the soil and is biodegradable both by microbial and abiotic environmental factors
  • Is a group 1B insecticide that is particularly effective as a contact insecticide on flies
  • Has a differential mode of action making  it useful in rotation, especially in resistance management rotations
  • Is one of a small number of versatile insecticides registered for use in onions in Australia.

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