EcoBlend Range


EcoBlend is our Ecofriendly Granular Fertiliser for Sugar cane.  These products are designed for sugar cane grown in areas subject to nutrient losses through light soils, frequent irrigation and heavy rains and use specific technologies designed to reduce nutrient losses from the farming system.

  • Hard and durable coatings resist breakage during handling and application, leaving the fertiliser box and worm gear clean after use.
  • Provides controlled and more uniform nutrient release pattern to maximise crop growth over extended periods.
  • Nitrogen release is not sensitive to fluctuations in temperature or excessive rainfall.
  • Use less fertiliser volume to achieve same or better yield results.
  • Minimise nitrogen loss from the farming system through more efficient crop uptake and reduced leaching.

Products in the range are:


  • One Shot 23-2-17
  • One Shot Low N 17-2-19
  • Side Dress NK 22-0-24
  • Trash Blanket 19-0-15
  • High N Ratooner 34-2-8
  • Ratooner 26-0-19
  • Slow N 42-0-0
  • Starter Plant Mix (SOP) 14-10-13
  • Carbon Plant Mix (SOP) 12-10-12
  • Starter Plant Mix (MOP) 13-9-13