Eradicate Ref #82181, 82182, 82183, 82184, 82186

Ref #82181, 82182, 82183, 82184, 82186


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ERADICATE is a snail and slug bait manufactured from patented technology developed by Australian scientists for Australian Conditions.  ERADICATE works by interfering with the oxygen carrier so the snails and slugs die of lack of oxygen.  With ERADICATE the snails and slugs move away from the bait back to their hiding place and die.  They are not usually found dead around the bait.  When a small amount of ERADICATE is consumed the snail or slug stops feeding.

  • The active ingredient is an allowable food additive
  • Is not toxic to pets, native fauna and other animals if used as directed
  • Is rain fast
  • Active ingredient slowly degrades in moist pellets over several weeks compared to others which degrade rapidly
  • Active ingredient does not accumulate in the environment and can be used up to harvest and near waterway



Controls the following pest