Guano Gold Kwik Start Ref #GUA/25, GUA/B, GUA/BB

Ref #GUA/25, GUA/B, GUA/BB


Guano Gold Kwik Start is 100% natural organic phospatic fertiliser and soil conditioner based on a compound granular dicalcium phosphate. This phosphate source is the end product of the decomposition of bird droppings, coral, fish and seaweed over many thousands of years.
Guano Gold Kwik Start contains phosphate in two forms, with 50% as citrate soluble and the other half as citrate insoluble for longer lasing P release. The high silica analysis also supplies plant available mono silicic acides to the soil solution.
When soluble forms of silica are released at the same time as phosphate, the combination improves the uptake of phosphate by plants due to the binding action of silica on iron, manganese and aluminium in the soil.
Guano gold Kwik Start is only suitable for soil application.

  • Suitable for pastures, broad acre crops, fruit, nut and vegetable crops
  • BFA certified organic input
  • Easy to use and apply granular formation that can be blended with other traditional granular fertilisers
  • Ideal as an additive to starter fertiliser blends for fast and slow release phosphate properties.
  • High silica content enables superior phosphate plant availability over extended periods.