Guano Sulphur Gold Ref #GSG/1000, GSG/1250

Ref #GSG/1000, GSG/1250


Guano Sulphur Gold is a natural registered organic fertiliser with rapid release P for plant establishment and growth.  High levels of P, S, Ca  and Si.  Air Seeder friendly.   (Aus Organic Certification No. 309AI)

  • Suitable for pastures, broad acre crops, fruit, nut and vegetable crops
  • Sulphur coated granule to cater for sulphur hungry crops and increased granule hardness compared to Guano gold Kwik Start
  • A BFA certified organic input
  • Easy to use and apply granular formulation that can be blended with other traditional granular fertilisers
  • Ideal as an additive to starter fertiliser blends for fast and slow release phosphate propertys
  • High silica content enables superior phosphate plant availability over extended periods