Indicate 5 Ref #1CDINC10

Ref #1CDINC10


An acidifying wetter-spreader containing a pH indicator for use as a penetration, buffering and compatibility aid with alkaline sensitive pesticides, herbicides and foliar fertilisers.

Indicate 5 contains a combination of non-ionic and anionic components for superior all round penetrating, wetting/spreading performance when used with a wide range of chemicals and fertilisers for the following benefits.

  • Increases plant uptake of systemic herbicides, insecticides and foliar nutrient sprays
  • Prevents rapid hydrolysis (degradation) of alkaline sensitive pesticides
  • Contains a unique colour indicator that turns the colour of the spray water pink when approaching pH 5
  • Neutralises water alkalinity/carbonates, resulting in a lower spray solution pH more ideal for herbicide applications
  • Extremely cost effective spray solution buffering/acidifying action. Keeps pH down and prevents alkaline hydrolysis (premature breakdown) of expensive chemicals