Key-El BTE Ref #1FKEBE-2

Ref #1FKEBE-2


Quality water soluble chelated nutrients for the prevention and correction of trace element deficiencies and disorders in plants.
Key-El chelated products are suitable for soil and foliar application to crops. As a soil application, the chelate technology (EDTA) is able to prevent the soil chemical properties from reacting with the trace elements. This feature greatly improves nutrient efficiency in soil situations, resulting in more nutrient getting taken up via the roots into the plants xylem and translocated around the plant.
Key-El chelated products are extremely compatible in tank mixes with other products due to the strong hold the chelate has on the nutrient, preventing chemical reactions from occurring.

  • Highly efficient trace element fertiliser in soil applied situations
  • Keeps trace elements available for plant uptake via roots in hostile soils
  • Prevents soil and its complex properties from tying up trace elements
  • Suitable for foliar application to crops
  • Extremely cost effective and very compatible with a wide range of other fertilisers and chemicals