Lawnporn Insta-Green Ref #0LWNPNIG250

Ref #0LWNPNIG250


Active:  100% blended turf pigments 

Lawnporn Insta-Green Turf Pigment is a turf colourant designed for application to sporting stadiums, greens and tees and the lawn of the home enthusiast. This pigment product enables turf managers to check for uniform application of chemicals, and provides the additional benefit of natural green colour lasting 1–2 weeks. Insta-green Turf Pigment is the new turf colourant that contains natural green pigments which lasts for weeks in periods of slow growth and does not appear artificial. Insta-Green Turf Pigment will create an instant healthy looking sward.

  • Long lasting natural green colour for a stadium quality finish
  •  Improve turf colouring during dormancy or after renovation
  •  Tank mix with herbicides to improve application accuracy
  •  Unique pigment based formulation, compatible with pesticides
  •  Resistant to adverse effects of prolonged UV light exposure
  • Perfect for sporting stadiums, greens and tees and the home enthusiast