Manni-Plex Potassium Ref #1FMPMAK20, 1FMPMAK200, 1FMPMAK1000

Ref #1FMPMAK20, 1FMPMAK200, 1FMPMAK1000


Manni-Plex Potassium is based on the unique Manni-Plex technology. Essential plant nutrients combined with a proprietary blend of phloem and xylem mobile sugar alcohols to create a highly efficient foliar fertiliser. The small molecular size of the sugar alcohol carrier together with the spreading and penetrating agents, ensures optimum absorption through the leaf into the phloem and xylem for efficient trans-location to the active photosynthetic sink.

  • Manni-Plex Potassium is a premium foliar fertiliser that delivers potassium into leaves and then trans-locates within plants more effectively than other foliar fertilisers
  • Research shows that Manni-Plex technology is essential for effective entry of foliar nutrients into the phloem and xylem and delivery to reproductive/photosynthetic sinks
  • Manni-Plex Potassium with its proprietary sugar alcohol technology, significantly improves crop potassium levels rapidly to fix deficiency symptoms and improve yield potential
  • Effectively supplements potassium and increases water movement within plants to improve filling of reproductive tissue for bigger yields
  • Ideal for fixing crop symptoms relating to potassium deficiency such as yellowing or scorching of older leaf edges, small uneven fruit size, boll shedding and little tolerance to drought and pests
  • Chloride free, plant safe formulation that won’t burn plants
  • For use at any crop stage when used at recommended rates