Methograin® IGR 300 Ref #1CMIGR300.25

Ref #1CMIGR300.25


Methograin® IGR 300 is suitable for on-farm and bulk grain handlers and is suitable for use on all cereal grains.  For use on un-infested grain for protection against immature stages of a number of grain pests and provides protection for up to 9 months. Effective against organophosphate and pyrethroid resistant insect strains and withholding period of only 24 hours.

  • Approved for use on all cereal grains (including Malting Barley)
  • Helps to protect grain for up to 9 months
  • Effective against organophosphate and pyrethroid resistant insect strains
  • Withholding period only 24 hrs
  • 100 ml of Methograin® IGR 300 mixed with 50 litres of clean water is sufficient to treat 50 tonnes of grain.

Controls the following pest