Nitrosol Liquid Blood & Bone Ref #56015, 56025, 56010, 56020

Ref #56015, 56025, 56010, 56020


Nitrosol is a liquid plant food formulation suspension based on blood and bone.  It contains a combination of fast and slow release nutrients that covers the whole spectrum and provides a sustained feed for plants and soil.  The organic content of Nitrosol will also improve soil microbe activity, soil drainage, soil aeration and soil moisture retention.  Nitrosol is suitable for soil and or foliar application.

  • Organic based nutrient source
  • Suitable for gardens, fruit, vegetables, natives, ornamentals, roses and lawns
  • Slow sustained nutrient release for plants to use as required
  • Earthworm friendly, stimulates solid micro-organism activity
  • Improves soil structure properties such as drainage, aeration and moisture retention.