Nitrosol Liquid Blood & Bone Hose On Ref #56032

Ref #56032


Nitrosol is the ideal fertiliser for all garden and indoor plants. Nitrosol has been a favourite of Australian gardeners for over 40 years. Its unique formulation provides the benefits of blood and bone and natural growth stimulants in a easy to use liquid form. Nitrosol provides an effective balance of major on minor nutrients and minerals that can be absorbed through both the plants leaves and roots. Nitrosol enhances soil fertility by encouraging beneficial soil microorganisms. Nitrosol is also highly concentrated, 2 litre hose on will treat over 100 square metres. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor plants.

  • Organic based nutrient source
  • Suitable for gardens, fruit, vegetables, natives, ornamentals, roses and lawns
  • Slow sustained nutrient release for plants to use as required
  • Earthworm friendly, stimulates soil microorganism activity
  • Improves soil structure properties such as drainage, aeration and moisture retention
  • Ready to use formulation, just attach hose and spray