Nurture™ N 30-0-0 Ref #1FCORL20, 1FCORL200, 1FCORL1000

Ref #1FCORL20, 1FCORL200, 1FCORL1000


Nurture™ N 30-0-0 is a unique, controlled release liquid nitrogen foliar fertiliser designed for use in a wide range of agricultural/horticultural situations. Nurture™ N 30-0-0 is intended to be used as a foliar supplement to a regular soil applied fertiliser program and by itself will not provide all of the nitrogen required by plants. Nurture™ N 30-0-0 is a clear formulation based on a mixture of polymethylene and complex ureas and is a plant-safe option for foliar application on a wide range of horticultural and broad acre crops.

  • Plant safe formulation due to its very low salt index and humectants properties, so as not to be phytotoxic when foliar applied
  • Low corrosive properties so easy on spray application equipment
  • Great nitrogen formulation for crop recovery of stressed crops due to water logging
  • Takes longer to dry on leaf surface due to the humectants properties, extending the foliar absorption time frame significantly
  • Provides controlled uniform nitrogen release pattern to maximise crop growth over an extended period of up to 3 weeks
  • Excellent compatibility with pesticides and fertilisers