Nutrafeed Citrus, Fruit & Rose Ref #55122, 55123

Ref #55122, 55123


Nutrafeed Citrus, Fruit & Rose

A specially formulated complete fertiliser for citrus, fruit trees and roses. It will supply the essential nutrients and trace elements required for healthy growth by feeding the roots and the leaves. Ideal for all types of citrus and fruiting plants. Excellent for roses and citrus, promoting flowering and fruiting with the added benefits of trace elements.

  • Water soluble fertiliser for dissolving into a watering can and drenching plants
  • Provides all essential nutrients in oneĀ application
  • Balanced nutrient formulation so can be applied at any growth stage for a boost

How to use:

Dissolve 4 heaped spoonfuls in 9L of water, when feeding advanced fruit trees and citrus. For new fruit trees, citrus and roses disolve 2 heaped spoonfuls in 9L of water. Apply over an area of 5m square every fortnight.


(N:P:K) 16.5:2:24.2