Nutrafeed Liquid Calcium Buddy Ref #1FNFLCA20, 1FNFLCA200, 1FNFLCA1000

Ref #1FNFLCA20, 1FNFLCA200, 1FNFLCA1000


Nutrafeed Liquid Calcium Buddy is a new high analysis liquid calcium/magnesium fertiliser with added zinc and boron suitable for foliar or soil application on a wide range of horticultural and broad acre crops.

  • Significantly improves crop calcium and magnesium levels rapidly to fix deficiency symptoms and improve yield and quality potential.
  • Effectively supplements calcium and magnesium to improve cell wall structure, cell elongation, photosynthesis and stomata regulation, leading to superior quality produce with less 2nd grades / rejects.
  • Ideal for use on crops at fruit/nut/pod-set and early filling stages to maximise harvest size and physically harden soft tissue to reduce bruising and increase shelf life
  • Zinc and boron improve flower fertility resulting in less fruit/nut/pod/boll shedding.
  • Ideal for reducing produce quality issues relating to calcium deficiency such as blossom end rot, bitter pit, tip burn, die-back, soft fruit and more.