Nutrafeed Liquid Establish Ref #1FNFLE20, 1FNFLE200, 1FNFLE1000

Ref #1FNFLE20, 1FNFLE200, 1FNFLE1000


Nutrafeed Liquid Establish is a new effective starter fertiliser suitable for soil application on a wide range of horticultural and broad acre crops.

  • Significantly improves root and shoot development in young plants
  • Promotes uniform crop establishment
  • Vitamin B1 and plant growth promoters to initiate and elongate root systems
  • Contains the dominant plant sugar (fructose) and organic acid (citric) naturally found in root exudates to encourage soil rhizosphere mycorrhizal colonisation and to increase nutrient availability
  • Zinc and Boron to improve root tip development and extension
  • Chloride, sulphate, nitrate free formulation
  • Lettuce Transplant
  • B Deficiency in Roots