Nutrafeed Liquid Flower Pro Ref #1FNFLFP20, 1FNFLFP200, 1FNFLFP1000

Ref #1FNFLFP20, 1FNFLFP200, 1FNFLFP1000


Nutrafeed Liquid Flower Pro is a new high analysis liquid NPK + TE fertiliser suitable for foliar or soil application on a wide range of horticultural and broad acre crops.

  • Significantly improves flowering uniformity
  • Promotes early season flowering reduces late flowering incidence
  • High phosphorus and potassium analysis to trigger flowering
  • Zinc improves flower fertility, seed, fruit and tuber size
  • Copper stimulates floral bud initiation
  • Boron improves pollen viability and reduces bud and flower drop
  • Chloride, sulphate, nitrate free formulation