Nutrafeed Liquid Full Bor Ref #1FNFLBOR20, 1FNFLBOR200, 1FNFLBOR1000



Nutrafeed Liquid Full Bor is a new high analysis liquid boron fertiliser suitable for foliar application on a wide range of horticultural and broad acre crops.

  • Significantly improves crop boron levels rapidly to fix deficiency symptoms and improve yield potential
  • Effectively supplements boron to improve root development, flowering, fruit/nut/pod-set, sugar trans-location and cell wall structure leading to healthier crops, superior quality produce with higher yields
  • Ideal for use on crops prior to flowering to promote extra flowers and improve fruit/nut/pod-set and minimise abortions
  • Ideal for fixing produce quality issues relating to boron deficiency such as hollow heart and stems, empty pods, fruit pitting, root splitting, boll shedding and more
  • Nitrogen component in amine form so doesn’t disrupt flowering phase
  • Chloride, Nitrate, Sulphate free.