Nutrafeed Liquid K Ref #1FNFLK20, 1FNFLK200, 1FNFLK1000

Ref #1FNFLK20, 1FNFLK200, 1FNFLK1000


NUTRAFEED LIQUID K  is a chloride free, high analysis liquid potassium fertiliser. Dual forms of potassium present as citrate/carbonate to maximise uptake via foliar or the soil. K is suitable for foliar or soil application on a wide range of horticultural and broad acre crops.

  • Potassium present in dual forms, citrate form for rapid foliar uptake and carbonate form for uptake via the roots
  • Ideal for use post flowering to fill fruit/kernel/boll tissue during the filling stage to increase sizing at harvest
  • Ideal for mixing with nitrogen fertilisers to achieve the desired potassium/nitrogen ratio solution
  • Ideal for fixing crop symptoms relating to potassium deficiency such as yellowing or scorching of older leaf edges, small uneven fruit size, boll shedding and little tolerance to drought and pests
  • Chloride, sulphate, nitrate free formulation