Nutrafeed Liquid Multi Trace Ref #1FNFLMT20, 1FNFLMT200, 1FNFLMT1000

Ref #1FNFLMT20, 1FNFLMT200, 1FNFLMT1000


Nutrafeed Liquid Multi Trace is a new liquid multi trace element fertiliser suitable for foliar or soil application on a wide range of horticultural and broad acre crops.

  • Effectively provides a one shot approach to deliver all essential trace elements
  • Nutrients complex in an organic acid to improve plant uptake
  • Effectively supplements key trace elements involved in root development, reproduction, photosynthesis and leaf expansion, leading to healthier crops, superior quality produce with higher yields
  • Molybdenum improves the nitrogen utilisation response
  • Zinc for leaf and fruit size expansion and improved flower fertility
  • Iron and manganese for chlorophyll production and increased photosynthesis