Organix Tomato Herb & Vegie Fertiliser Ref #60270

Ref #60270


Organix Tomato Herb & Vegie fertiliser is a premium organic fertiliser that is suitable for the whole garden. The slow release of nutrients will continue feeding the plants for up to 3 months. Organix Tomato Herb & Vegie fertiliser helps to improve soil aeration and water retention, increases earthworms activity and is safe and easy to use. This fertiliser is an excellent product for fruit and citrus trees, vegetables , herbs and Tomatoes. It is certified as an allowable input for organic use by Australian Certified Organic

  • ACO registered allowable organic input (10325)
  • Supplies essential nutrients for 3 months and improves overall health of soil
  • Improves drainage, water retention and soil structure
  • Regular use will assist in producing vigorous and healthy plants