Paspalum & Clover Killer Ref #1CPASC.5, 1CPASC-5

Ref #1CPASC.5, 1CPASC-5


Paspalum & Clover Killer controls certain grass and broadleaf weeds in domestic lawns.

  • A broad spectrum selective herbicide that is suitable for use on domestic lawns to remove mullumbimby couch, paspalum, nutgrass, clovers and other weeds in domestic lawns
  • Synergistic action of 2 different actives providing a wide spectrum of weed species control

For more effective wetting, add wetting agent to final solution. Avoid using fine droplets or applying the product in windy conditions as this will increase spray drift. It is important to apply the recommended spray mixture when weeds are young and actively growing. Results may take some time to become evident. DO NOT allow spray to contact other plants that you do not want killed.

Controls the following weed