Pendant Herbicide Ref #0APEND20

Ref #0APEND20


Pendant herbicide is a pre-emergent herbicide containing 330g/L of the active ingredient Pendimethalin.  It is registered for the control of Summergrass, Crowsfoot Grass and Wintergrass in a range of warm and cool season turf grass species.  This original formulation of Pendimethalin is a proven performer and offers an economical and reliable option for pre-emergent weed control turf.

  • Offers the most cost effective form of pre-emergent weed control in turf
  • Low poison scheduling (Schedule 5 – Caution)
  • Contains the original, proven Pendimethalin formulation
  • Good turf safety characteristics when used in high cut turf situations
  • Possesses good tank mix compatibility with other herbicides

Controls the following weed