Phospot 400 Ref #0APHOS420, 0APHOS4200, 0APHOS41000

Ref #0APHOS420, 0APHOS4200, 0APHOS41000


Phospot 400 is a powerful systemic fungicide with pH buffered formulation for the control of root rot (Phytophthora) and Downy Mildew diseases in a range of crops.

• Economical control of Phytophthora and Downy Mildew diseases
• Excellent disease control due to systemic / translocatable fungicidal activity to all plant parts
• Phosphorous (Phosphonic Acid) present as Mono and Di Potassium Phosphite
• Can be applied in tank mixes with a wide range of other chemicals and/or fertilisers

Controls the following disease