Rampage Rat and Mouse Bait Ref #1BELL991230

Ref #1BELL991230


Bell Laboratories, Inc combined the characteristics of Vitamin D3 and years of research and development experience to formulate Rampage. The application of accumulated knowledge and the quality, efficacy and effectiveness that have long characterized Bell products is well represented in Rampage.

  • Laboratory and field data suggests that Vitamin D3 baits like Rampage have not shown any potential for secondary poisoning. As a result, dead or dying rodents represent a substantially reduced risk to companion animals and wildlife.
  • Vitamin D3 is recognized as a better choice for use around birds because of their hollow bone structure.
  • The active ingredient in Rampage, Vitamin D3, has a recognized stop-feed action. This lowers the need for extensive and continued baiting, thereby reducing long term baiting costs.
  • Vitamin D3 functions in a manner that makes reduces the chance of any bait shyness.
  • Rampage controls anticoagulant-resistant rats and mice since its mode of action is physiologically different from anticoagulants.
  • Rampage is only rodenticide registered by the U.S. EPA that has an active ingredient, Vitamin D3, on the NOP list.

Areas of Use:  In and around commercial  buildings, farms, fence lines etc

NOTE:  Rampage is a Schedule 7 poison.

Controls the following pest