Smart System Trio Ref #1FSSTRIO20, 1FSSTRIO200, 1FSSTRIO1000



BRANDT Smart System Trio’s high-quality micro-nutrients help build healthy crops, strong root systems and higher yields. What makes these nutrients Smart? Their ability penetrate the leaf and move through the plant quickly and efficiently, and their compatibility with post-emergent herbicides. Adding Brandt Smart System to the mixing tank with post-emergent herbicides has been shown to significantly reduce crop stress.

  • BRANDT Smart System’s humectants properties enhance foliar contact and adhesion, helping product stay on longer and dries as a re-wettable gel, giving the plant several opportunities to access foliar nutrients.
  • Improved micro-nutrient compatibility with post emergent herbicides.
  • Supplemental Boron improves root development, anthesis and grain-set, normally leading to higher quality yields.
  • Ideal for use on crops grown in neutral to alkaline soils to increase productivity where zinc deficiency is common.
  • Ideal for fixing crop symptoms relating to zinc/manganese deficiency such as general yellowing between veins of young leaves, small leaves, stunted growth, reduced pollen fertility and yield.