Tomcat Bromethalin Blox Ref #1BELL993418, 1BELL993018

Ref #1BELL993418, 1BELL993018


Tomcat with Bromethalin Blox is a revolutionary rodenticide that contains the active ingredient Bromethalin. It is the first product of its kind to be registered for use against rodents in Australia, and helps save users time and money with its effective knockdown when compared to anticoagulant alternatives.

Rodents can consume a lethal dose of Tomcat with Bromethalin Blox rodenticide in just a single night’s feeding and may succumb to the poison in as little as 2 days. This means more rodents can be controlled with less bait. It’s unique formulation also makes it effective against rats and mice that are resistant to anticoagulant solutions.

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