Tomcat Soft Bait Ref #1BELL919618

Ref #1BELL919618


Tomcat Soft Bait is a single dose second-generation, anticoagulant rodenticide in a highly palatable soft bait formulation for the control of rats and mice.
Tomcat Soft Bait has a unique oil-based formulation with a precise balance between saturated and unsaturated fats. In addition, the manufacturing process ensures maximum contact of the paper sachet to the soft bait—further maximising bait acceptance.
The Soft Bait is also designed to withstand almost any climate. When temperatures and humidity rise, Tomcat Soft Bait is both mould and heat-resistant and in cold climates, the bait won’t freeze.
Tomcat Soft Bait is available in 800g pail size (80x10g sachets).


Tomcat Trap and Soft Bait

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