Umbrella Ref #1CUMBR5, 1CUMBR20, 1CUMBR200

Ref #1CUMBR5, 1CUMBR20, 1CUMBR200


Umbrella from Barmac is a multi-purpose spray adjuvant designed to increase the efficiency of applied pesticides and fertilisers in agricultural and horticultural situations. Umbrella forms a rain fast film over the applied pesticide solution, securing it into the leave, reducing environmental losses and enhancing application efficacy through reduced drift. Umbrella also optimizes spreading and surface coverage on hard to wet plant surfaces, further improving application results.

  • Premium multi-purpose adjuvant for use in a broad range of situations
  • Reduces off target drift, improving environmental safety
  • Improves rain fastness of contact protectant chemistries
  • Increases penetration efficacy of systemic chemistries into the plant
  • Enhances spreading on hard to wet plant surfaces
  • Soft on the plants cuticle – excellent plant safety