UMX Liquid Ref #1FUMXL20, 1FUMXL200, 1FUMXL1000

Ref #1FUMXL20, 1FUMXL200, 1FUMXL1000


A concentrated liquid humic acid formulation for increasing humus and carbon soil properties. Humic acid is also applied to light sandy soils to increase fertiliser retention and reduce nutrient leaching. UMX Liquid is suited for soil application.

  • Increases the humus/organic matter content in soil, ideal for light sandy soils
  • Increases nutrient and moisture retention in the root zone and reduces leaching
  • Ideal for highly fertilised crops like potatoes that grow in sand
  • Combination of humic and fulvic acids stimulate and increase soil microbe activity
  • Improves soil wetting allowing water to infiltrate into soil profile at a faster rate