ZP Rat Ref #1BELL951410

Ref #1BELL951410


ZP Rat is used for the control of heavy infestations of rats in sugarcane crops.  ZP Rat bait is a pelleted formulation conveniently packaged into 10 gram sachets.  The zinc phosphide is uniformly distributed within the extruded pellet.  This makes ZP Rat quite different to other zinc phosphide baits that are simply coated grain formulations.

  • More attractive to rats than typical coated grain baits
  • Coated to prevent breakdown from moisture and rain
  • Suitable for broadcast application
  • Zinc phosphide is uniformly distributed within each pellet and protected from wash off
  • Kills in 2-4 hours
  • Minimal secondary poisoning risk to birds, mammals and pets


NOTE:  ZP Rat is a Schedule 7 poison

Controls the following pest