Alternaria brown spot attacks young fruit, leaves and twigs, producing brown-to-black lesions surrounded by a yellow halo. The halo is caused by a fungal toxin which rapidly kills tissue. Leaf lesions are generally circular but will often have a tail, following the leaf vein which gives the lesions an eye-spot appearance. The necrosis extends along the veins as the toxin spreads in vascular tissues. On young leaves, lesions can appear as early as 36-48 hours after infection. Lesions enlarge as leaves mature and can vary in size from 1-10 mm (0.04-0.4 inches) and will be larger if the infection occurred earlier in the season. If Alternaria brown spot is severe, the leaves may drop and entire shoots can wilt and die.

How to control Brown Spot

Copper Oxychloride

Copper Oxy 2kg Packshot

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