Fusarium Blight or Patch

The fungal pathogen Microdochiumis responsible for causing Fusarium Blight or Patch in turf. The disease appears as small circular patches, water-soaked spots less than 5cm in diameter. The patches change in colour from orange-brown to dark brown and finally to a light gray. The spots may enlarge indefinitely, but are usually less than 20cm in diameter. On low cut turf a halo-like “smoke ring” may appear on the outer margin of the patch.
In very wet conditions a thin to fluffy covering of white mycelium may be seen on matted leaves. The mycelium is white, but on exposure to sunlight induces spore production which is a pink colour. Conditions that favour disease development include more than 10 hours a day of foliar wetness for several consecutive days, cool temperatures, soil high in nitrogen fertility and low phosphorous and potassium and areas with slow growing conditions and heavy thatch.

How to control Fusarium Blight or Patch

Thiram Liquid

Thiram Liquid 5L -PACKSHOT

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