Thiram Liquid Ref #1CTHIR30

Ref #1CTHIR30


Thiram Liquid is a seed treatment for chickpeas and lupins.  Controls brown patch, damping off, dollar spot and fusarium patch in turf. For the control of certain fungal diseases of turf and as a seed treatment. Thiram is a member of the dithiocarbamate class of fungicides. This group of fungicides has proven to be one of the most important and frequent control measures utilised today. They are primarily used as foliar protectants, although Thiram is also commonly used as a seed treatment. Due to their versatility, dithiocarbamates are able to provide excellent protection against a wide variety of fungal diseases with a low risk of resistance. The low resistance risk is related to Thiram targeting multiple sites of action at a cellular level of the target disease complex.

  • Economical crop protection from a wide range of fungal diseases
  • Effective and widely used seed dressing fungicide on a range of crops where it provides good control of damping-off, seed and bulb decay, seed rot, seedling blights, and many other soil and seed-borne diseases
  • Thiram due to its multiple sites of action can be used as an effective resistance management tool when rotated with other mode of action fungicides
  • Easy to pour low odour liquid suspension concentrate

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