Leaf scorch is common on older leaves and at the end of season, but can also affect leaf stalks, fruit stalks, flowers and fruit. This disease produces small purple spots that first appear on older leaves and gradually enlarge, join other spots and finally produce large dead patches giving the leaves a scorched appearance Leaves.  Leaf spots (lesions) may take 2 forms, pinpoint lesions in large or small numbers, and blotchy type lesions. Lesions are typically reddish to purple, appearing to give a burnt appearance to the plants. Leaf stems lesions are typically elongated, sunken, purplish brown or reddish brown spots or streaks. Advanced lesions can girdle the petiole and kill the leaf. This disease is favoured by warm, wet growing conditions and is spread by rain splash, overhead irrigation and wind.

How to control Leaf Scorch

Copper Oxychloride

Copper Oxy 2kg Packshot

Copper Oxychloride is for the control of fungal and bacterial diseases in fruit and vegetable crops, citrus, stone fruit, pome fruit… Read More

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