Stigmina carpophila is a fungal plant pathogen causing shot hole disease in stone fruits (Prunus spp.). Shot hole is a serious disease causing ┬ásmall reddish or purplish brown spots to occur on new leaves and shoots. The spots expand and their centers turn brown. Tiny, dark specks sometimes form in the center of lesions, especially on leaves. Spots on young leaves have a narrow, light green or yellow margin and their centers often fall out as leaves expand, leaving “shot holes.” Buds of peach, nectarine, and sometimes apricot are killed in the winter. Fruit may become rough and corky. Spotting occurs on the upper surface. Concentric lesions may develop on branches. Diligent sanitation and water management can provide adequate control where the incidence of shot hole is low. Avoid overhead sprinklers or use a low angle to avoid wetting foliage.

How to control Shot hole

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Copper Oxychloride

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