Metalaxyl Fungicide Granules Ref #0AMETAG10

Ref #0AMETAG10


Metalaxyl Fungicide Granules is a soil applied systemic granular fungicide for the control of Phytophthora root rot of Avocados, Phytophthora root rot and Trunk canker of Macadamias, Phytophthora trunk rot of Peaches, Pink rot of Potatoes and Damping off of certain vegetable crops.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Effectively controls phytophthora and pythium related diseases in a range of tree and vegetable crops
  • Permits for use in raspberry and blueberry (PER13958) for phytophthora and herbs/roses/wildflowers (PER13832) for pythium and phytophthora root rot
  • Can be used as a resistance management tool when rotated with other mode of action fungicides like phospot (phosphorous acid)
  • Manufactured locally in Queensland Australia

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