Nutrafeed Liquid Silica Ref #1FNFLS20, 1FNFLS200, 1FNFLS1000

Ref #1FNFLS20, 1FNFLS200, 1FNFLS1000


Nutrafeed Liquid Silica is a high analysis liquid silica/potassium fertiliser suitable for application to a wide range of horticultural and broad acre crops. Soil applied soluble silica is readily converted to silica acid in the presence of soil moisture and absorbed via the root system to be utilised within plants.

  • Lifts crop silicon and potassium levels to fix deficiency symptoms and improve the quality of the yield
  • After uptake, silica gel is deposited between the cuticle and cell wall and also between the cell membrane and cell wall (double silica gel layers)
  • Silica gel layers act as a physical barrier to reduce evaporation and increase cell strength
  • Ideal for use on crops to prevent or reduce water stress (drought) symptoms
  • Silica mimics bio-active molecules in plants that activate pathogen defense responses, making plants more resistant to disease
  • Reduces insect damage to crops due to higher plant strength