BeeKeeper Ref #60310, 0ABEE10

Ref #60310, 0ABEE10


Australian farmers are now more than ever before, aware of the importance of bees and their requirement to increase yields.  The active ingredients in BeeKeeper actively attract honey bees in the vicinity to flowering crops to enhance pollination.

The active ingredient in BeeKeeper is 250g/L honey bee pheromone and 750 g/L controlled release aids.  BeeKeeper mimics the Nasonov pheromone guiding workers bees to the flower/nectar.

BeeKeeper does not contain any sugar or honey that can distract the bees from the pollen the flowers and is pH balanced, and low salt based so is plant-safe when applied on selected crops at early flower stage.

  • Attracts more bees to crops to improve pollination
  • Increases fruit/nut set percentage and total numbers
  • Induces bees to boost their instinctive feeding behaviour
  • Pleasant lemon odour