Kelpro Maxx Ref #1FKELMAXX20, 1FKELMAXX200, 1FKELMAXX1000



Kelpro  Maxx is a new formulation which is a mixture of seaweed and auxinone.  The product gives the benefits of two products in one drum.  Kelpro Maxx is a refined high quality commercial grade seaweed concentrate suitable for use via foliar, dip or soil application and is designed to improve root development, plant establishment and overall plant growth.

  • Ideal for new plantings to accelerate root initiation, development and growth
  • Re-invigorates root activity in perennial crops
  • Increases photosynthesis and carbohydrate production in leaves
  • Stronger plant tolerance to and recovery from environmental stresses
  • Soil applications increase root zone microbial activity
  • Compatible with with Manni-Plex foliar range